Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuk-A-Way Stroller

I am so lost in what I have posted and haven't. Oh well, this is my 1970s stroller called the Tuk-A-Way by Columbia. Yes that is the same company as the bike!

Here are some full photos of it I found from a site:

I have taken quite a few family members out in this. Of course never my own children since they do not exist yet but eventually!
I also want to ask my favorite etsy lady to make me a new seat cover. SOON!

Here are a few words I wrote:

12:17:2003 -kimberly l.romero
if there was ever a girl to dream, who would win a trophy , that girl would have to be me.
Mrs. I-N-C-O-N S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y.
Mrs. when are things going to happen to me.
if there was ever a time to make the clock's beat stop, to allow me to think, i'd tap my toes
and sing along to a rhyme which makes sense. this isn't my home, i know.
this is my lay-a-way. my life bought with sheer blood ,
my tuk-a-way , im rolling on two wobbley wheels.
if you know what i mean jelly bean.
then give me a ring...please?
OK or not.


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fly tie said...

wow. never seen anything like it!