Friday, December 23, 2011

Blue and white pancho

This is another vintage item given to me from Rachzel's collection.

Everso Girls Embroidered Apron Skirt Recycled Vintage

Made by Everso Clothing. Blue toddler/girls vintage fabric skirt w/ vintage embroidery apron. OOAK.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Everso Blue Raspberries Reversible Dress

Made by Everso Clothing. This one-of-a-kind baby dress is made from the most gorgeous vintage 30's/40's fabric that has been wonderfully preserved!
EVERSO original reversible design with long ties at the shoulders.
Infant size Small, fits 0-3 months.
*Hand-washing is recommended*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gustafer Yellowgold

I had been babysitting Lily when I discovered the great music of Gustafer Yellowgold. It was during her nap time...I did a search for nap music/stations for kids and found him! We heard I jump on cake and Lily of course wasn't sleeping because she sat up and said "i jump on cake?" hehehe. That was such a funny moment. Over the years Gustafer's collection has grown. Jon had bought me (while dating) a package of a cd/dvd/sticker/plush doll/tattoo/magnet... I believe.

I found out he is from the sun, he is yellow, loves jumping on cake on birthdays, has some awesome rocket shoes....friends: a mint green bee, pterodactyls in tuxedos, dragons and the list goes on. Go on and take a look at the website I don't want to spoil anything with my words. Read up on Gustafer's singer/songwriter/illustrator, Morgan Taylor too!

PS- Every year my child will have the option to jump on cake. This is a promise.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everso Baby Gown Vintage Recycled Linens

OOAK Infant gown, 3-12 mos, created from vintage linens.

Everso Baby Bloomers

Baby Bloomers - Recycled Vintage Linens 0 - 6 Mos OOAK

Sweet little blousy bloomers with pretty pink & red flowers! Made by recycling a vintage embroidered table runner, a vintage pillowcase, & vintage eyelet lace (with some new red bias tape thrown in for good measure).

Sized to fit 0-6 months.
Fully lined.


~handwashing is recommended~

I might have asked her to make me bloomers.

Mommy/daughter Striped Flying Caps

Reclaimed material made into flying caps. is no longer active but iheartfink is Kirsten & Karen's running shop, oh wait! They got featured artist for August in 2009! Go ladies!

Everso Lotus Skirt

By Everso Clothing - 'bigger' little girls skirt, from recycled vintage fabric & embroidered linens.

Everso Girls Skirt Recycled Apron Vintage

Everso Clothing - OOAK garden floral skirt fashioned by recycling a vintage apron. Adjustable, toddler/girls size.

Everso Party Skirt with Flowers and Dotted Swiss

EVERSO girls ruffle twirly party skirt constructed entirely of recycled vintage materials, elastic waist, size 2-4 & beyond :D

Everso Baby/Toddler Wrap Apron recycled vintage fabric

This is a gorgeous little wrap skirt style apron made from vintage reclaimed & upcycled materials. Features acid green stripes & sweet little rosebuds.

Best fit is for an 18-22 inch waist (9 inch length). Design grows with your child. Can be worn as a skirt as a baby/young toddler & as an apron over a skirt or pants as an older child. One of a kind! Has an Everso tag!

by Everso Clothing

Everso Fancy Reversible Bib Cupcakes and others

Mini pom-poms, ric rac, & vintage bias tape binding= EVERSO fun!

1 machine-quilted reversible fancy-schmancy baby bib (one layer of batting).
Flannel cupcake fabric on one side, pink & green polka dot cotton on the other.

EVERSO sweet for a 1st birthday or anytime!

One-of-a-kind & cute cute cute!!

The others don't have descriptions but you get the point on their cuteness. The orange bib has an Everso tag!

These are Everso Clothing/ rachzel designs.

Lassiegirl and Plumtickled

I had bought these before the other Plumtickled dress... one is also from another etsy shop called Lassie Girl. I am not sure if Lassie is on etsy anymore. You might see by now the pinafore is my ultimate favorite dress for lil gals....right next to the pillowcases. It is funny how I found two shops with this fabric, must have been hot back then. I am pretty sure there were pillow cases and purses from this material. These are not vintage of course but have that retro appeal once again. Oh and about the pinafore, it can be worn inside out as as polka dot dress!

Plumtickled Pillowcase-like Dresses

My pillowcase infatuation lives on. Although not pillowcases but have that feel to it. I am so crazy that while dating Jon I asked him to by me these two and he sure did! I guess I do remember him saying, "I wish you'd buy stuff your size, you always say you don't have anything to wear." I be crazy...that's all I can comment about it.

These are not vintage obviously, but have a cute retro count by number feel on the right dress. These dresses can be used as skirts later on too.

Kiddle Collection.

My aunt had handed me down her doll collection... and I had returned them to her. What?! I hope to get them back one day. I be crazy sometimes.

Dreary Needle Bon Vivant & Galaxy 500 Pillowcase Dresses

Galaxy 500 & Bon Vivant

I have an older post with my first pillowcase dress by this lovely lady. Her shop hasn't been inactive for some time. You might have to message and ask her when she will reopen...or possibly have a secret stash? These are very posh, like a lil lady going to Paris for some ice cream.

Bon Vivant - pillowcase dress - ties over right shoulder with long flowing scarf - measures 18 1/2 inches from neckline to hem - will fit a child size 18 months - 2T

Galaxy 500 - pillowcase dress - ties over right shoulder with silk scarf - measures 18 1/2 inches from neckline to hem - will fit a child size 18 months - 2T

"gather up the fragments that remain,
that nothing be wasted" John 6:12