Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh me Oh my! A Lil O'

After a long devotion (2007?) to stocking up on the cutest baby vintage and upcycled items, I am now safe to say I am having Baby'O in a few days or weeks! I've had this blog and got to share my collectables that I found at thrift shops, garage sales, estate sales, swap meets, hand me downs, purchases through Etsy… but mainly Everso Clothing’s shop, etc. It had been way more exciting to find wee treasures than adult sizes. I have had a few models that were boys which are my nephews. There weren't many chances either. I never took pictures of a girl in my clothes. I will now have a model to put in these lovelies. This is so exciting, my very own baby dolly!!

I'd like to thank Rachel McPadden for her great artistry in the continual theme of: EVERSO cute sweet darling adorable lovely. She always gets an A+ each time I unwrap these little treasures. Since day 1 you have been part of my preparation for this baby bunny.

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