Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby'O she is 1 month today!

My Baby'O arrived on August 23, 2012 at 9:49pm. I had been waiting for this lil lady for a long time. I never claimed to hope it was a lil girl but I sure had a ton of vintage and upcycled clothes collected for one. Probably because girls are easier to shop for. I have boys stuff too though. This site is devoted to baby vintage clothes and always longed for a model and now we will be seeing more of that.

How did I come up with her name? Olive Greenly came about because of Circles Are Forever. I hand paint on bottle caps which I call O's ie O'magnet O'button O'sews etc. I needed a name for Baby'O! The most adorable name was Olive... and I like Keith Green a ton so I thought of something like Green which was a name I loved on a soap opra Greenly. It made perfect sense and perfect harmony! This name was made up at least back in 2007 that I can remember. Since then I have seen it around a few places. Which youd think it wasnt around but sure is...

Ok tis all.

lOve, Kim*

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nicaeli said...

congratulations on your new baby! She's beautiful:)